Over the years, Roth&Co has gained the hands-on experience and technical skills to offer a wide range of services that are "beyond the numbers," becoming a trusted advisor to many of our clients, invaluable to the growth and success of their businesses and organizations. We look forward to serving you.


Consolidated Fiscal Reports (CFR, OPWDD, SED)

Included in our services is the preparation or review of the Consolidated Fiscal Report, a critical tool used to determine tuition rates and waivers (NYSED), rate appeals and price adjustments (OPWDD), and rate setting methodologies (NYSED, OPWDD, DOH). This audited report is the basis for the review and/or disallowances of rates and costs by various NYS agencies.

Compliance Related Audits

With the complexity of regulation and contracts, your business or organization needs to be in informed and competent hands. Roth & Co. provides businesses and organizations with assurances on financial statements required to identify the challenges and address them in order to remain in full compliance, including 401K Audits, OMB Circular A-133 Audits, CFR/PACE Reports, Certiorari Audits, HUD Audits, and J-51 Tax Abatement Audit.

Financial Statements

Financial statements act as formal records of all financial activities of a company. Businesses require preparation and reporting on general-purpose financial statements intended for investors, creditors, regulators and management. Roth & Co. strengthens your position by providing preparation, compilations, reviews and audits of financial statements.

Management Reports

Roth & Co. will create reports, providing valuable insight for management in preparing basic financial data for internal decision-making purposes. We help you make informed decisions by preparing balance sheets, income statements and other production reports to analyze cyclical sales patterns, inventory budgets, receivable collections, and payable schedules.

Government & Regulatory Compliance

Depending upon the sector in which you operate, such as not-for-profit and government contracting, there may be specific regulatory considerations to which your organization must comply. As the world gets smaller and the governmental oversight becomes more precise, your business needs more coverage. Roth & Co. assures that you are properly positioned by providing services related to such areas as corporate governance, risk management, internal auditing services, reasonable compensation studies, nonprofit board fiduciary responsibilities, and others.

"Our forward thinking approach ensures you have the data you need to plan for success."

Zacharia Waxler, Co-Managing Partner

Zacharia Waxler, CPA

Co-Managing Partner



Estate & Succession Planning

Estate transfer planning is an essential step for anyone with heirs or property they hope will be successfully inherited by the appropriate parties. Roth & Co.’s team takes a customized approach to this complex field, preparing your estate so that it passes onto further generations or heirs with the minimum possible loss.

Business Strategy & Decisions

The outside perspective of an expert can be essential to proper business decision-making. Roth & Co.’s business strategists assist management in focusing on the future, developing strategy and deciding on long-term decisions, such as purchasing (outsourcing) vs. producing products, selling vs. continued processing and the disposal of a product line. With specialties in break-even analysis, contribution margin analysis, business plans, funding and capital requirements, and partnership agreements, Roth & Co. is your partner on the road to success.

Human & Capital Resources

As a proud purpose-driven company, Roth & Co. appreciates the importance of employees and the process of hiring. Our human and capital resources team assists companies with their employment-related requirements. We provide services on human capital outsourcing, interim CFO/Controller services, and compensation study and analysis.

Financial Statement Analysis

Understanding your financial documents is essential to proper business growth and effective accounting. At Roth & Co., understand the nuances of analysis. We assess your financial statements and assist you in identifying financial strengths and weaknesses. Our services include ratio analysis—including liquidity/solvency analysis, operational activities analysis and profitability analysis—cost-volume-profit analysis, overhead analysis and variance analysis.

Forecasting & Projections

Every company needs to plan ahead, predicting future outcomes and determining future steps. At Roth & Co., our teams will provide a roadmap to assist you in forecasting sales revenue and projecting expenses and capital requirements. We participate in the budgeting of annual operations, such as sales, productions and expenses, financial and capital forecasting, pro forma financial statements and variance analysis.

Forensic Accounting

Litigation can often become a reality of running a business. As leaders in forensic accounting, Roth & Co. can assist your litigation team in examining financial records for fraud, illegal activities and embezzlement, as well as to analyze transactions and businesses for sale, or in litigation or arbitration. Our team provides litigation and arbitration support, due diligence support, business valuations, bankruptcy and insolvency litigation, and expert witness services.

Business Valuations

For a range of business transactions, valuations become a necessary part of running your business. Roth & Co.’s business valuation service assesses the value of enterprises in anticipation of an acquisition, as well as for estate purposes. Take advantage of our full suite of services in valuation of real estate entities, businesses, loan portfolios with the market, income and asset approaches.

Capital & Equity Funding

Companies looking to raise money through creative financing solutions needs experts to help them obtain debt and equity funding and investors. Working with start-ups, small enterprises and business ventures, the Roth & Co. team helps you tap into loan packaging, lines of credit, long-term debt and mortgage assistance, loan covenant compliance, SBA loans, partner with venture capitalists and equity funds.

Business Management Consulting

Our team at Roth & Co. will help your businesses get the most out of its resources, analyzing a company’s operations, profitability, efficiency and effectiveness. We will work on cash flow analysis, financial management consulting, investment analysis, IT consulting, overhead expense analysis, personnel analysis, Integrated Performance Management (IPM) – Six Sigma (BDO), platform design and implementation (BDO), and property and business interruption insurance claims (BDO).

Internal Control Analysis & Assessment

When a business enters into certain prosecution agreements, an independent integrity monitor is appointed to oversee compliance. Roth & Co. can step in with internal control monitoring, focusing on the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, reliability of financial reporting and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Bookkeeping Services

Roth & Co. provides small businesses with record-keeping services that assist in tracking business growth and assessing trends, providing opportunities for increased profitability, managing cash flow, and preparing tax returns and financial statements. You can rely on our bookkeeping experts for a full range of services in accounting and bookkeeping, payroll processing and taxes, sales tax, accounts payable and receivable, financial statements and reports, credit card and bank reconciliations, general ledger and journal maintenance, month-end closing entries and QuickBooks consulting.

Other Advisory Services

Our advisory services department is prepared to help your business with a full suite designed to manage complex contract, regulatory and reporting requirements. Roth & Co.’s services include contract and regulatory compliance, mergers & acquisitions advisory, enterprise risk management and internal controls, board governance design and implementation, Sarbanes-Oxley guidance, information technology advisory—including IT controls, and security and vulnerability assessments, and XBRL tagging and consulting services—and public company services, including IPO planning and preparation, Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 (SOX 404) Compliance, and SEC registration.

"Our unique combination of services allows us to expertly guide our clients through the complicated maze of the financial world."

Marc Gelbtuch, Director

Marc Gelbtuch, CPA/CFF




Offers in Compromise

If you have a need to negotiate your IRS tax bill, the professionals at Roth & Co. can help. We stay up to date on the latest IRS updates and changes, and use this knowledge to analyze your tax obligations vs. your true ability to pay those obligations. Our team reviews your specific situation, and after a detailed analysis works together with you to achieve the best possible resolution for you and your family.

Tax-Exempt Applications & Returns

Complex government regulatory and reporting guidelines can be difficult to maneuver efficiently and in full compliance. Roth & Co.’s tax-exempt team has a suite of services designed specifically for tax-exempt organizations. Whether it’s private foundations or large public charities, our specialists can help you navigate the tax exempt sector.

Tax Return Preparation

At Roth & Co., we know that before all other specialty and niche services, your taxes are one of the primary areas where we can guide your business toward success. We spend the full year considering your end-of-year tax concerns, in order to guide your business toward a clear and stress-free tax season.

Voluntary Disclosure

For U.S. citizens and residents who have not properly disclosed foreign entities and accounts, the IRS offers an amnesty program for undeclared foreign accounts and entities, allowing you to prevent criminal prosecution and minimize penalties that would normally result from such unreported income, assets, accounts and entities.

Tax Audits

A tax audit from the IRS or any other agency can create an extremely stressful environment for a business. When a business is contacted by the IRS or other agency, Roth & Co. can be there to inform you about where you stand legally and financially, bring you in the know regarding IRS or other agency practices and procedures, and advocate on your behalf in tax disputes. Our team can help you prepare for and respond to the audit process, to keep it as smooth and non-stressful as possible.


Tax Controversy & Procedures

We provide consultation and guidance for all interactions your company may have with the Internal Revenue Service or any other agency, and consultation and guidance for federal tax procedural issues. A tax audit from the IRS or any other agency can create an extremely stressful environment for a business. When a business is contacted by the IRS or other agency, Roth & Co. can be there to inform you about where you stand legally and financially, bring you in the know regarding IRS or other agency practices and procedures, advocate on your behalf in tax disputes, prepare for an IRS examination, represent you before the IRS or another agency during an examination, guide you on penalty and interest exposure, and resolve inadvertently missed or incorrect tax filings.

Foreign Taxation

Businesses with international connections and multinational corporations require insight into the international marketplace, as well as information regarding the global business arena. Whether it is regulations, compliance, audits or tax advisory, Roth & Co.’s trusted team of international consultants will help your company navigate the complex web of the foreign market, getting you closer to your goals.

Tax Planning & Consulting

Companies often see taxes as an unmanageable obligation. But they don’t have to be. At Roth & Co., our team sets a plan into place to minimize your business’s tax liability, maximize your after-tax income and increase the resources available for your business to grow. In addition to the development of optimum tax strategies for our clients, our team will also advise you on the ever-changing tax laws and regulations.

"Our job is to identify every tax credit and incentive opportunity in order to maximize cost savings for our clients."

Micha Rabinowitsch, Tax manager

Micha Rabinowitsch, CPA